2014 vw passat coolant leak

Learn what to do if you have leak. A VW Passat is a spacious family car from Volkswagen. cool. i, as soon as I get back into town at slower 100% Leak Tested. Is this comment for a Jetta. The average cost for a Volkswagen Passat coolant leak diagnosis is between $44 and $56. The coolant level is ok. Took it to silverton radiators and they also could not find the leak. When I took the shield off the bottom of the engine, drips of coolant were steadily dripping off of the lower attach nut/stud for the A/C compressor. We understand that high quality VW antifreeze is crucial for the safety and performance of your Volkswagen and we're here to help you keep your VW on the road. The coolant bottle is also the "service" point for the system. That is all they ca use because of Environmentalist. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 5l. You probably also have an auto-fill bottel for the radiator,Top it up to the brim so that it can fill it up immediatly when it starts to empty again. 75 Jul 24, 2018 · VW TDI Hint – 4 cylinder TDIs are notorious for leaking on the backside, where it is impossible to see the leak. The car has been running a bit funny lately when pushed hard. In many cases, the coolant can drip down on a hot part of the engine and evaporate before you can see it. Make sure to get a little extra to account for any spills. The contact owns a 2014 Volkswagen Passat. Once the pump is bolted in place, get the hose connected so the coolant system is sealed and then use a vacuum filler to fill the system. 2008 vw passat code p2181 I have a 2008 vw Passat 2. 0L TDI and got the approved emissions modification, Volkswagen has identified a potential problem  26 Jul 2016 Is Forward Collision Warning standard on the 2020 Volkswagen Jetta? Modern cars offer more and… April 30, 2020. Get the flange and a new o-ring do not try to re-use. Nov 05, 2018 · If you have a 2012, 2013, or 2014 Passat 2. The 2014 Volkswagen Passat has 1 problems reported for coolant leak. 5L Vacuum Pump Fails Where to begin. I have read other drivers of my vehicle (2006 Passat) getting involved in fender benders, car stalls, engine problems etc. The level stayed within normal range throughout Dec 11, 2017 · Temp gage reads 190, plenty of coolant in the overflow tank. 2010-2014 Golf, 2007-2010 Passat sedans and wagon, 2012-2014 Passat sedan and Eos The recall affects 26,452 model year 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, Beetle and Beetle Convertible vehicles produced between February 1, 2014 and April 6, 2014. While ethylene glycol doesn't break down, the additives used to keep water from attacking and corroding metal will wear down. 1,570 posts. However, within two weeks, the same issue occurred. a month ago and my coolant level is fine. Is it possible that coolant could be leaking onto my feet from below the steering wheel onto the pedal area ? The water pump has several seals that can wear out and become the source of a coolant leak. Keep the engine in your 2014 Volkswagen Passat running cool and leak-free. This can cause the engine in your 2014 Volkswagen Passat to overheat, which can lead to engine damage. The company I bought it through replaced it but charged me for shipping. For Audi A3 Q3 TT Quattro VW Beetle CC Eos GTI Jetta Passat Coolant Pipe Genuine (Fits: Volkswagen Passat) 5 out of 5 stars 2 product ratings 2 product ratings - For Audi A3 Q3 TT Quattro VW Beetle CC Eos GTI Jetta Passat Coolant Pipe Genuine I have an 05 2L FSI Golf Comfortline that is leaking coolant somewhere under the intake manifold (at the front of the motor) I'm yet to take it into the mechanics, but the leak is slowly getting worse and uses about a cup of coolant every 5km, so can't go too far with it now and need to carry distalled water to constantly top it up. The best solution for fixing a leaking heater core is to seal it from the inside out. . But again I have no heat. About 1/2 gallon every 40 miles for 2 days. Upon deployment of the driver's frontal air bag, excessive internal Very slow coolant leak on 2014 Diesel. 6 TDI engine losing coolant. The full coolant leak within 5 mins then I got the warming message. VW cleaned out coolant system with Simple Green. One New Genuine Radiator Coolant Hose 3C0121049J for Volkswagen VW CC Passat (Fits: Volkswagen Passat) Original Equipment, Fast Shipping, Hassle-Free Returns $38. Recommended antifreeze for radiators of Volkswagen Passat. Year of production: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. I opened the bonnet, checked the coolant overflow reservoir and topped it off with Engine Coolant. Coolant flange, radiator, coolant hoses, water pump). I purchased a 2012 Passat 1. It is in a round plastic container with a blue lid. 5l vacuum pump fails it will cause an engine oil leak. Warning: coolant is poison. 0L Diesel Radiator Mar 12, 2016 · Volkswagen Passat B7 (2010 – 2014) – fuse box diagram. Audi A4 or VW Passat B5. I had happen to my A4. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. 9 TDi (auto DSG) mark 5 and have noticed my foot get wet in the drivers side footwell, around the pedal area. When the 2. The contact stated while driving at an undisclosed speed, there was an abnormal odor in the vehicle. Apr 2015 134500 mi US $10: Misfire on cylinder one--coilpack The engine is working at a higher temperature- This doesn’t only mean a broken radiator. Since then, 5 more generations of the said vehicle was released. Is there another way to clean out the core. I have a new water pump. i see you are very experienced with replacing raditor hose in the lower section , my car has 113000 coolant cooling system Passat (PA) 2014 year Volkswagen USA 121064 spare parts #7zap May 31, 2012 · The coolant hose flange on many lines of VW products has been a notorious problem for years. G11 is a phosphate free anti-freeze and is blue in color. Volume: 1 Gallon. The rad fan comes on when the engine is cold. 99. VW Coolant System Contamination Engine Coolant Outlet Housing Gasket - Repair or Replace A coolant leak from the front or rear of your engine's cylinder head might be a leaking coolant outlet housing or water outlet housing. If your vehicle leaks too much coolant, your engine can overheat. Help UKPassats. 6 diesel in May 2015 from a Volkswagen dealership. Oct 23, 2015 · 5:47 coolant sensor location VW Golf 5, 1,9 TDI 6:39 too with my finger Problem with coolant system - leaking part on Skoda engine Problem with coolant system - leaking part on Audi engine Problem So then I bring it to a local shop who specializes in vw and they tell me I have fuel, oil, and coolant leakage. I can't find a leak anywhere, but can smell it around the car all the time. They could not find the leak. If there is coolant on the outside of the water pump there is a chance one of the seals in the water pump is the source. A blown head gasket can also allow coolant to leak to the outside of your engine and onto the ground. 6L V6; 2007-2014 Volkswagen Touareg 3. It’s a good thing to look under the hood of your car regularly for leaks, worn belts, broken hoses and that sort of thing, but doing that maybe once per The coolant reservoir collects the hot coolant for recycling back into the radiator once it has cooled down. (2014 - 2018) Passat (2010 - 2015 Jan 05, 2010 · Golf gti coolant leak I have a 55 plate gti FSI DSG 2 litre turbo with 29000 miles on the clock. Once the car is on and driving the coolant leaks like never before but once the car is off it will just drip for a little while then stop and over night the coolant will not leak but once the car has been on for a while it will not hold any coolant. I have a 2003 VW Passat with the check Hi Maddie my passat continued to loose coolant I put in about 1 litter of coolant I over 1000 miles. 2012-2019 VW Passat NMS. My engine was recently rebuilt and runs great,except for the coolant leak. 6L V6; 2006-2008 Volkswagen Passat B6 3. The successive generations of the Passat carry the Volkswagen internal designations B1, B2, etc. ), but the blown head gasket can also cause the engine to overheat. 6:30AM GMT 22 Dec 2009. Havent driven the car for 2 days and when i came back the coolant warning came on. Remove the intercooler and pressure test it underwater. 0T. engine oil may cause the water pump gasket to swell, which may lead to a coolant leak. G11 (blue) was used from about 1990 to mid 1996. The replacement clamps were bought at local auto supply store that looks like this. I found there is a metalic hose with a very small hole where has obvious coolant leak. I asked about that at the shop and if that would show up on the pressure test. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Jan 21, 2018 · I have a 2010 VW Passat with 106K miles, recently the low coolant light came on. Water can get into the door panels, and should drain out onto the road -- but the doors could leak water into the cabin if the drain holes become blocked with debris. 7-L V6) "The computer would not clear the code even after the repair was made. Radiator Leak Sealant. 6L V6 Buy uxcell New Radiator Coolant Hose Connector 1J0121087B for VW Jetta Passat Beetle EOS: crack and leak. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2014 Volkswagen Passat based on all problems reported for the 2014 Passat. You may need the help of a friendly dealership expert at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard to find the source of the leak to keep your vehicle's interior high and dry. If the vehicle overheats or loses coolant through the cap, it will come out of this drain. Robert showed up as agreed friendly and clean professional look He immediately went to work on my vw passat and didn't even take a break until he was at least 89% completed he brought all the parts needed plus a thermostat for a small additional fee he also installed He was very positive and even though several distractions occurred while he How do you refill engine coolant in a Passat? We’ll show you! Here are the steps to refilling your VW’s engine coolant! 1) Open the hood of your Volkswagen. 6L V6; 2012-2014 Volkswagen Passat B7 3. Upon deployment of the driver's frontal air bag, excessive internal Mar 12, 2018 · Coolant leak Post by Biff351 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:20 pm Hi, I have a 2011 Passat Estate 2. Coolant type: VW G-012-A8F-M1 (ZVW 237 G12) or Pentosin G12 (pink color) and/or (pink and purple coolant are compatible) VW G-012-A8F-A4 or Pentosin g12+ (G12 plus, purple color) Enough concentrated coolant and distilled water to satisfy the required 6 liters. The Volkswagen Passat is a large family car manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen since 1973, and now in its eighth generation. automobile works. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Note the abnormal black discoloration of the aluminum casting. VW Coolant Light Comes on but Car is not Overheating DescriptionThis question was asked on the AskDAP Show Episode 1. I tried K-Seal to no avail. 2014 VW Passat AC vents randomly moves from front to floor vents While driving and using the AC on the Main front vent setting, it will randomly blow down on my feet. Built to strict quality control standards. If coolant from  Volkswagen Passat Model Years · 2017 Volkswagen Passat · 2016 Volkswagen Passat · 2015 Volkswagen Passat · 2014 Volkswagen Passat · 2013 Volkswagen   Coolant Leaking Problems of Volkswagen Passat. The contact checked the oil level and noticed that there was no oil on the dipstick. The contact added oil to the engine. I have a code of p0068 and p02279. The Forum for all VW Passat drivers, owners and modders: chat, technical help and more! Coolant leak. Dec 22, 2009 · Disappearing coolant in a VW Passat Honest John suggests a few solutions for readers problems with disappearing coolant in his VW Passat. The blocking cap disabling the adj 07/11/2019 By James Limbach The seventh generation introduced yet another body variation known as the Alltrack, which is a bridge between a van and an SUV. Communication Number: TT 19-13-02, Date: 2014-10-17 q: i have a 2010 vols wagon passat komfort 2 liter engine my antifreeze is leaking and i just book a appointment with howard. But just because there may not be symptoms of any leaks from beneath your VW, does not mean you are in the clear. Jul 26, 2016 · What kind of coolant does VW use? During long winters we spend endless nights shivering under piles of blankets just wishing for the summer heat, but this year we have gotten more than we bargained for with consecutive 90+ degree days. MY VW Passat used to need topping up with water every few months and was like VW Passat Heater Core Replacement – Clogged Core – Low Heat A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Look at the graphics display on the dashboard. Volkswagen Passat 2013 & 2014 Coolant Flush European Motor Cars technician, Russell Cofer, helps to explain a common problem in the 2013 and 2014 Volkswagen Passat. Post by tdisport » ↳ B7 PASSAT -2011 on So call us at (586) 757-2300 with your VW antifreeze questions. I have a similar coolant leak problem in my 98 Passat. 8 turbo se. Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Jan 19, 2010 · Coolant leak in VW Golf mark 5 1. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers oil types. 0 Sport Passat. The 2014 Volkswagen Passat has 51 NHTSA complaints for the engine at 54,275 miles average. They cant fix the fuel leak but the other two is fixable which only brings to me concern about this recent recall. Jun 2014 129000 mi US $5: Windshield washer fluid sensor failed. There IS a coolant leak at the Water Pump So I have seen the leak the service department has found. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Coolant Reservoir Cap product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. (not 100% Manufacture problem is more a 50/50 owner and Technician) 1. History: 1. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan  Products 1 - 10 of 28009 Egr Valve Filter Fits 2009-2014 Volkswagen Jetta Golf Beetle Mfg Once the car is on and driving the coolant leaks like never before . If you have one of those vehicles but haven’t gotten the modification, you must make an important decision very soon. This can be done by pulling the lever in the footwell of the driver side. 0T started revving and bucking this morning while I was driving it. 5 AMW 1. If the pump failed, the engine would stall My 2006 VW Passat 2. 2) Look for the coolant reservoir under the hood. Radiator Insulator. Fuse panel B (under hood) I have a 99 VW Jetta it has a lot of miles on it. At Edmunds we drive every car we review Sep 07, 2015 · Today we learn how to replace the vacuum pump on 2. Just what the title states my coolant tank is getting low. #2 Oil Filter Flange Gasket. Hi to all. Coolant leaks (ie. Coolant leaks, if  23 Oct 2015 5:47 coolant sensor location VW Golf 5, 1,9 TDI 6:39 too with my finger Problem with coolant system - leaking part on Skoda engine Problem  12 Dec 2016 How to check your air-to-water intercooler on CKRA Passat TDI. Usually you can find a round container, shaped like a ball, with a black cap under the hood near the windshield washer Dec 02, 2014 · I personally have used Sil-Glyde on every single coolant related o-ring for years, it's technically "brake lube" but it's versatile, it's awesome, and it works. When i took if for a service i told vw to please fix to coolant leak. It has been marketed variously as the Dasher, Santana, Quantum, Magotan, Corsar and Carat. You may have a VW Passat radiator leak and it is important to stop immediately and see what the problem is. 27 Nov 2016 The coolant was topped up, the whole system was checked and no leaks were found. Volkswagen Passat 1. Some water pumps are made of two main sections that have a gasket between them, which can warp and leak coolant. At first, the water pump was found to be the culprit and I got the water pump, thermostat and thermostat housing replaced with genuine VW parts. Slowly it got worse. Oct 29, 2013 · Hello, im a mechanic for a living and even im stuck, i recently took off a oil cooler on my 2001 vw passat v6 because it was leaking oil, i drained the oil and coolant to take the oil cooler off, when i realized the oil cooler was fine and seal looked good i put it back and torqued the nut to spec, that solved the oil leak, now i gained an additional problem. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 2014 Passats with the 2. FEBRUARY 2016-- Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Identifying an Engine Coolant Leak If you’ve got an engine coolant leak in your vehicle you’re probably getting extremely tired of popping your hood every couple of days to check it. The resulting low coolant levels or hot fluid can make your engine overheating. 2017 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Temperature Sensor 2016 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Temperature Sensor 2015 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Temperature Sensor 2014 Volkswagen Slowly the coolant light came on faster. I've noticed that coolant has been leaking from the car. (Volkswagen) is recalling certain model year 2010-2014 Golf and Jetta SportWagen, 2007-2010 Passat sedans and wagon, 2012-2014 Passat sedan and Eos, 2009-2014 CC, 2009-2012 Audi Q5, and 2010-2011 Audi A5 Cabriolet vehicles. Every year, I would tighten the clamps on the coolant when I do an annual service / inspection. In January 2015, the low coolant warning light came up on the dashboard. When it comes to your Volkswagen Passat, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Transmission leak coolant leak engine light and brakes radiator leak 2014 VW Passat tdi SE 2. If you have a late model water-cooled, you need to use the proper coolant. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers types for all popular vehicles. Coolant light came on, so I bought some G13 coolant and topped it up but within a short time the coolant light had come back on and I took it to the car repairers for a fix. Sep 23, 2019 · The VW water pump impeller may also rub against the inside of the engine block, causing fragments and debris to contaminate the cooling system. Again, it was topped up and checked. This will result in a low coolant level and decreased cooling of your engine. Feb 2015 133000 mi US $80: Left and right motor mounts, front snub mount replaced. Engine coolant is ordinarily green or orange, so any leaks should be easy to notice on the ground. with coolant system - leaking part on VW volkswagen engine coolant sensor  Coolant leak VW Passat Family (NMS and B7) TDIs (2012+) If you see oil covering the filter and cooler, the O-ring is likely the problem. The part is like $20 i believe if you get it yourself, plus new coolant, VW kind. 00+. Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 662,185 model year 2012-2020 Passat and model year 2018-2019 Atlas vehicles. i found the solution to my coolant leak on a 2007 jetta 2. Passat: VW Passat L4 1. There was also wetness on the pulley and around the weep hole area. Luckily, brightly colored coolant is easy to spot. Aug 27, 2013 · My old B5 Passat would leak the hot pink coolant that VW uses, but it usually left a crusty puddle wherever it sat. 8L L4 Turbocharged: Coolant & Battery Refractometer Radiator Flush T. If there is steam blowing from the engine, the coolant leak is likely originating from the coolant flange. A little background: This car has never leaked coolant, I flushed it a year ago and replaced with G12 (or G12 plus, but the correct stuff in any case) and have never added, but check frequently (usually check all fluids at every fill-up). Went to do my oil change and came upon this. 8L 2014, Engine Coolant Water Pump Housing by Original Equipment Explore what engine cooling system warning lights mean & the action you're required to take. I had the same problem on my 2002 2. Replaced the coolant bottle cap and also the waterpump just incase but that did not stop the leak. While I was away for business I drove from MD to Pittsburgh and during that time I lost 3X as much then I have ever lost before. VW uses three types of coolants in its vehicles, based on when it was produced. Apr 30, 2014 · The EGR cooler could leak coolant and go back into the intake through the EGR. Should The best part is, our Volkswagen Passat Coolant Reservoir Cap products start from as little as $6. Of the 26,452 affected vehicles The 2014 Volkswagen Passat radiator keeps coolant from reaching too high of a temperature and losing its efficacy. This oil leak can be mistaken for a rear main seal leak. In fact the leak rate lowered rather than got worse. there isn't a radiator in a vw passat. My fear is that it's getting into the cylinders and getting burned. Show resources: How The VW 2. Engine oil may cause the water pump gasket to swell, which may lead to a coolant leak. We'd love to share our thirty years of Volkswagen knowledge and experience with you. 0L TDI and got the approved emissions modification, Volkswagen has identified a potential problem with the “fix” it installed on your car that needs your immediate attention. It was obvious that I had a leak but my mechanic weren't able to figure out where it was coming from. Owner, lead mechanic. You might also have to replace your Volkswagen radiator coolant or some gaskets. 2 Feb 2013 My car is leaking antifreeze - I brought my car to the shop and they can"t find the leak. Radiator trouble comes in a few forms, but generally they will either leak fluid or simply cool the fluid less effectively. 2002 VW Passat: I am not getting heat, I set the I have a 2014 vw jetta 1. Car has 70K miles, early 2001 model. The replacement developed a pinhole leak one week before the 12 month warranty was up. An internal leak could be caused by a leak in the head or block or perhaps a leaky head gasket which lets the coolant escape its system. Sedan (4 Door). The contact was advised by her sister to check the oil level. Coolant Temperature Sensor: Jetta, Golf, Passat & Others 85-99 - Clip-In, ECU. 8T TSI (2014-2017) 2. I have had a coolant leak for about a year and the VW main dealer was unuble to locate it. Worryingly when I googled "coolant loss" the EGR leak appeared as well, looks like a the heater core in my 2014 volkswagen passat tdi has failed and been replaced four times within the last 2 years. 4,775 satisfied customers. The coolant was topped up, the whole system was checked and no leaks were found. In fact it may have been there a long time as there is a bit of rust and a reddish residue at the pump behind the main belt pulley at the bottom of the engine. 2004 BEX 1. Feels like its not boosting properly and rattles a bit more than usual. I recently did a Youtube video showing how I diagnosed and replaced the coolant hose flange on my son’s 2001 MKIV Jetta. 13 Feb 2017 Low prices on Coolant Outlet Flange for your Volkswagen Passat at Advance Auto Parts. If you are driving a WV Passat and notice that you often experience overheating of the engine, you may need to consider checking the vehicle’s cooling s Save up to $4,702 on one of 328 used 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertibles near you. 1. No problems were found. This process does not require removal of any components, nor does it pose any risk to the rest of your cooling system. Jun 10, 2014 · Had the coolant flange changed aswell to try and stop the leak. Edmunds' expert review of the Used 2010 Volkswagen Passat provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. Also, since you already have what looks like clean green coolant in there, don't mix it with pink VW coolant. Buy 2014 VW Passat antifreeze or coolant for DIY coolant flushes or book an appointment online & let our VW Passat techs perform your next coolant flush. However, the evidence revealed that the leak was caused by coolant contamination. Order Engine Coolant/Antifreeze - Vehicle Specific for your 2014 Volkswagen Passat and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. I had been smelling a faint coolant odor for a few weeks now. It had G-12, changed at five years (and not much mileage), and now the radiator was leaking. 9 TDi auto DSG I have a 2005 VW Golf 1. Coolant flange, radiator, coolant hoses, water pump) If coolant from your VW is leaking from the water pump, the internal bearing and seals are most likely weak, and there will be a trail of coolant from the pump region down towards the engine. 6L 2014, Premium™ Euro Eco 50/50 Prediluted Engine Coolant, 1 Gallon by Beck Arnley®. The first ever model of the VW Passat was presented to the market in 1973. Oct 04, 2008 · Well, unless it's evaporating, your screwd. About 6 months ago no heat from heater. My VW coolant light is blinking in the morning The best part is, our Volkswagen Passat Coolant Outlet Flange products start from as little as $1. More often than not, when you have an external leak, the coolant escapes and your car quickly overheats. Oct 18, 2012 · Check your coolant level the next day to see if the level has decreased again, keep an eye on it for the next couple of days, if you notice a significant drop take it to a garage. 8T I have replace two coolant tempreture sensor and still my engine light is still on. If i drive for about 75 miles or so the coolant is way low. This sensor mounts in your water cooling flange and sends engine temperatures to the electronic control module. I have also change the thermostat about a year ago and flush the heater core at the same time. Joined Apr VW Rabbit MKV Forum 2006/2007/2008/2009 OFF TOPIC DISCUSSIONS Summary: Tech Tips (2. When I got the car back from my indie mechanic, he told me that he put Dex-Cool into it. The problem is that I keep having to refill it with cooling liquid once every two days, sometimes even For three years, I have had a small leak on coolant. By Honest John. dutch1975 · Registered. 2000 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Leak/repair I Have A 2000 Vw Passat That Has A Coolant Leak. 0 TDI, recently i have noticed the coolant is draining within 10 mins of the engine running. Follow. Many people with older cars do this. The oil may appear to be coming from the turbo, but, in fact is coming from the valve cover gasket. Year Make Model Description; 2013-2016: Volkswagen: Jetta: VW Jetta Hybrid Radiator: 2012-2015: Volkswagen: Passat: VW Passat L4 2. A head gasket failure may be caused by an engine overheating one too many times (as a result of a clogged radiator, coolant leak, faulty fan, etc. Don't panic! It almost certainly isn't the head gasket, or it would have dropped more than an inch in 3,000 miles. 28 Sep 2015 Have you noticed a green or orange liquid leaking from your car? You may have a coolant leak. I Purchased Prestone Super Sealer To Fix The Leak Until I Can Get It Fixed Properly. Save I have a coolant leak behind Hi everyone, I recently purchased a late 2010 VW Caravelle & after a few days i’ve had quite a significant amount of coolant leaking from what looks to be some sort of crack from an unknown part of the engine (mind you my general knowledge of these fancy engines isn’t very high compared to old plaas cruisers) I was hoping some old VW T5 cracks could help me out. Radiator Overflow Tube Repair For people like you and me with VW-AUDI 99-08 (especially with turbo)Engines from 1. When your car is cool, add BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Excess pressure can rupture hoses, the heater core, and the radiator. Coolant, antifreeze and radiator fluid all describe the same fluids that are critical to your vehicle's cooling system. Color: Pink. 8 to 3. I figured I can still continue to enjoy my car once after I spend $1200 on timing belt work since that is said to be the major bill. Since my car was still under warranty I got vw to have a look and they found that the water pump was leaking it had leaked over the Cambelt so that also needed to be replaced thankfully all under warranty. This time, I ended up replacing two of the offending clamps. Volkswagen of america, inc. 2014 Volkswagen Passat Recalls the fuel rail may fail, allowing fuel to leak into the engine compartment. 5(diesel) they have a problem on the entire cooling Sys. in the affected vehicles, the o-ring seals between the oil cooler and the transmission may leak fluid. Gary W. They said no. Does Hi guys, I am losing a substantial amount of coolant. If you ever notice the temperature gauge in your car moving up into the red zone it might be your 2002 Volkswagen Passat radiator. So then I bring it to a local shop who specializes in vw and they tell me I have fuel, oil, and coolant leakage. Your vehicle is leaking coolant- Dents or holes in the fins of the radiator or problems with the engine block or hoses can cause a Volkswagen radiator leak. Oct 12, 2016 · I was expecting the leak to get worse and the source of the problem to become more obvious however this didn't happen even after several months. (volkswagen) is recalling certain model year 2014 jetta, beetle, beetle convertible, and passat vehicles equipped with a 1. The water only goes from the radiator through the hoses and through the engine, then back to the radiator again. The Volkswagen Passat is a large family car manufactured and marketed by the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen since 1973, and now in its eighth generation. If you want to cheap out, flush every drop of the orange stuff out, then switch to the old-style stuff. Wednesday 21st May 2014. 56. Vw's in general don't have radiators. The organic acid additive coolant used by VW should be good for ~5 years/150,000 miles. Find out how much engine oil does your car need. Since it happened about two weeks ago I have been driving it regularly and keep replacing the coolant. 3 - External Leak. 5L (2012-2014) 3 The cooling system needs to be flushed every now and then to prevent corrosion in the engine and radiator. 2014: PASSAT: 1. VW unit. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $56. Hot coolant from the vehicle’s engine is passed through a winding tube of the core. Average failure mileage is 5,000 miles. com. High School or GED. It should be apparent that if its not leaking it can't be getting less. Only other place coolant sees intake is the EGR cooler. While we’re trying to hang in there, your car is likely suffering just as much. Volkswagen has a recall of 659,493 vehicles including 2010-2014 Golf and Jetta SportWagen models, 2007-2010 Passat sedans and wagons, 2012-2014 Passat sedans, and Eos models, and 2009-2014 CC Genuine VW G13 Coolant Concentrate 1 X 1. 7T with less than 3,000 miles due to leaking. There is only one small cable running to the blower fan which transmits the electricity. 8T Silver Avant - RTECH Stage 1 Remap - 211Bhp/236ft Torque TEIN Super Street Coilovers - BlueFlame Catback with 4'' Slashed/Rolled Tips OK, I have had fifty years of experience as a gear head working on cars and building high performance motors. It'll sludge and turn brown. VW Passat (1998-00) Parts Required: The intercooler is just like a radiator except instead of coolant flowing through it, air flows through the interior passages Mar 24, 2008 · The only coolant a REAL VW uses is fresh air. Brought car to VW and now they say new heater core, $1200. There can also be leaks that did not make it to the ground. Just plur your Volkswagen Jetta and Year into the Year Make Model selector above and when you search for a Coolant/Antifreeze Auto Parts Warehouse will only show you parts that fit your vehicle. When I looked I saw a leak and wanted to know what you might think it was. Apr 28, 2013 · Slow coolant leak. 8L. Turbo blew, oil in the coolant about 2 years ago. If it is blank, or if the air flow Coolant leak from drivers side Hi I have a vw touran on an o4 plate it's done 108k . 9tdi PD is losing water again but only on motorway and long journeys or when the car is in top gear for prolonged periods. D. VW coolant temperature sensor. The process to find a coolant leak is really easy if you know how to do and have the right tools. I drove home, about ten minute drive and the car was running hotter than normal but only cold air was coming out of the heater. Reply Original Poster. First, examine the area under your Volkswagen’s engine. 0L (Stant 74172) ; This part is also available in the Engine Coolant Thermostat Kit 120KT, which contains 10234 (Radiator Cap), 45359 (Engine Coolant Thermostat) and 27160 (Engine Coolant Thermostat Gasket) Watch this free video to see how to fix minor coolant (antifreeze) leaks in a 2014 Volkswagen Passat SEL Premium 1. The VW diagnosis of a leaking water pump seems to rely on evidence (a trace of pink coloration) left behind from the leaking coolant near the pump. 8L 4 Cyl. In August 2017, Volkswagen recalled 280,915 model year 2009-2016 Volkswagen CC, 2006-2010 Passat and Passat Wagon vehicles for a fuel pump failure. It was wrongly assumed that it was a manufacturer defect. 00 to repair. I don't know why there is a small hole and it seems something should be mounted over there before. The most recently reported issues are listed below. 6L V6; 2009-2014 Volkswagen CC 3. 168 months. An external leak is the type of leak which is most easily diagnosed. 5L / 3. It runs on unleaded fuel. I pulled into a gas station to find smoke coming from the drivers side of the engine. If you are sure that you are losing coolant, that it is not simply a matter of a fluctuation of the level in the overflow tank, and you c I have a 2004 Audi A4 1. Sometimes it's a little of both and sometimes it will go back on its own. , IN (2004 Volkswagen Passat GLX 2. Jul 2014 129200 mi: Driver's side outer CV boot was torn, replaced with reman. 0l ccta/cbfa coolant leak or repeat coolant leak from the water pump area): inspect the water pump for signs of contact with engine oil. That,  2017 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Recovery Tank · 2016 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Recovery Tank · 2015 Volkswagen Passat Coolant Recovery Tank · 2014  5 Nov 2018 If you have a 2012, 2013, or 2014 Passat 2. 8L Turbo Radiator: VW Passat Audi A4 Quattro Radiator-1ARAD00653 does not With the proper care, your Passat can carry your family where you want to go for many years. I checked it out and the coolant was almost completely empty. Remove the blower fan in a VW Passat by unscrewing the footwell panel on the passenger side, removing it, unscrewing the blower fan and then unplugging the electricity to it. 0L CCTA/CBFA Coolant Leak or Repeat Coolant Leak from the Water Pump Area): Inspect the water pump for signs of contact with engine oil. Volkswagen Passat Coolant Leaking problem of the 2015 Volkswagen Passat 1 Failure Date: 02/07/2014. 8T Ultimate Timing Belt Kit Installation ES8146 Preparations Tools Required: • Drain pans for coolant and power steering fluid • Assorted Torx® drivers • Assorted Allen sockets • Assorted sockets, including 17 mm for camshaft nut and 19 mm 12-point for crankshaft nut. The first is to carry some coolant around in the trunk and check your car’s coolant level frequently. DO NOT just add any old yellow anti-freeze or Dex-Cool! You'll end up with a radiator full of Jell-O. Jan 09, 2014 · I have a 2003 VW Passat V6 2. Genuine OEM coolant flange gasket for V6 engine. Once a head gasket has failed it can cause all manner of problems, including: 1) Overheating. I'm getting very little heat from the heater. Coolant. An antifreeze leak can occur through a hole in your radiator. My 4-cylinder turbo VW passat overheats very quickly when the cap is tight the coolant reservoir; not when the cap is loose enough to vent and prevent pressure from building up. I have driven a few days and two or three Coolant type: VW G-012-A8F-M1 (ZVW 237 G12) or Pentosin G12 (pink color) and/or (pink and purple coolant are compatible) VW G-012-A8F-A4 or Pentosin g12+ (G12 plus, purple color) Enough concentrated coolant and distilled water to satisfy the required 6 liters. 2017 Cruze TD Auto, 2015 Cruze TD, 2009 Dodge Ram Cummins, former 2012 VW Jetta TDI. You do run the risk of getting stranded someday with A coolant leak can be really hard to find. 5Ltr. 8T coolant leak « Reply #12 on: December 10, 2013, 04:28:28 PM » After examining my engine and then looking at pics of the coolant flange in question, I'd say that's where my leak is too. I get a lot of questions about people that can’t locate their coolant leak. 2006 Jeep TJ Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 6 Cyl 4. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Coolant Outlet Flange product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Comments: I have a 2005 Vw passat Coolant seems to be leaking from the bottom of the reservoir From a small port there Should it be a hose connected to that port? July 31, 2014 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: This could be the overflow drain. 8t engine and torque converter automatic transmission. 2014 vw passat coolant leak 05-24-2017 12:09 PM #1. If you're in need of 2001 Volkswagen Passat parts, Volkswagen Passat performance parts, or possibly Volkswagen Passat auto parts for your newer 2016 sedan, look no further than PartsGeek. I got the assorted pack for a mere $5. But nope, I was wrong. You Re: 2004 Passat Wagon 1. Research the 2014 Volkswagen Passat at cars. you have a vacuum leak or an intake gaket leak. This DIY will apply to the Jetta, Rabbit, Beetle, Passat and Jetta SportWagen with automatic transmissions. com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. when i took the oil cooler off Recommended oil for engines of Volkswagen Passat. 5l VW engines. Find aftermarket and OEM parts online or at a local  NEWS: Volkswagen is recalling certain 2012-2014 Passat vehicles; ENGINE The affected vehicles have a coolant valve that may leak, allowing coolant to  31 Dec 2014 NHTSA reports that due to some faulty soldering, a cap on the rail may not seal properly, allowing fuel to leak into the engine compartment. I would only lose a little bit now and then just enough to drop it below the min line. I checked the coolant and the reservoir was empty, I filled it up and drove home but within a few minutes the low coolant indicator came back on. On April 15, 2014, Volkswagen recalled 26,452 Volkswagen Passat. Buy this Audi, VW Coolant Flange O-Ring by Genuine OEM now! Replaces 058121687. Jetta 6 (type 163 / Facelift) 2014 - onwards; Passat B8 (type 3G) 2015 The OEM unit in my 2003 Passat developed a leak after 7 years so I ordered this unit in July of 2010. 8L / 2. You might see coolant leaking if the tank is cracked or damaged. If you are often adding more coolant to the reservoir, you might have a leak. if coolant light turns ON Stop and let it seet too cool off and from the sides check for signs of coolant leak,white smog with So my 2010 GTI has 45000 kms on it. My car overheated once because of very low coolant and I've had to keep putting a lot of coolant in it. 0T (2018-2019) 2. Please always check the part number before ordering. I could see crusty dry anti-freeze around the sensor. there is/was an extended warranty related to the heater core failure but there has not yet been a recall despite an obvious defect with the heater cores. Find out how much coolant does your car need. The leak was from the temperature sensor gasket. 8L 30V V6 (US) Image 2) Water pump removed from an Audi 2. Originally these Oct 08, 2018 · I have a 2008ZO6 with no visible coolant leak. The nearest source for G-12 is an hour away. 5 Ltr. The problem was a cracked line that was sucking air that was not detected by My 2007 VW Passat has around 123K miles now. It usually causes a slow, chronic loss of coolant that may be hard to find. 5 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. The people who rebuilt my engine still can’t find the leak. It's that easy. 2012-2014 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT SEL PREMIUM SEDAN 4-DOOR hi help needed again ! my 2005 vw touran 1. Oct 04, 2014 · Oct 4, 2014 #1 I bought a 2012 GTI a few weeks ago and this forum has been awesome. Coolant flange was leaking--replaced flange. coolant pump, Vw Passat Tdi Turbo, Coolant Leak Repair in Vehicle Radiator Additives & Sealants, XSPC Coolant Additive Computer Water Cooling Equipment, Coolant Pump in Other Industrial Pumps, Coolant Pump in Metalworking Lathes, VW Fuel Pumps for 2014 Skoda Superb, Vw Passat 2 0 Tdi Injector, Vw Passat Tdi Alternator, vw transporter tdi badge Sep 16, 2019 · If you look all the way around your engine and you can’t find any leaks, or any sign of a leaky heating system or head gasket, you have two options. If you drive even for a short time without enough coolant, your engine can seize or die altogether. Genuine VW G13 Coolant Ready Mix 1 x 1. Guaranteed to fit the following models: 2007-2010 Audi Q7 3. BlueDevil Pour-N-Go is the best sealing agent for stopping a leak in your heater core . 0L 25 problems related to engine and engine cooling have been reported for the 2014 Volkswagen Passat. 0L / 2. Temp gage reads 190, plenty of coolant in the overflow tank, but that seems warm not hot after … read more. If this debris or sediment is not thoroughly flushed from the cooling system when installing a new water pump, it will eventually lead to premature VW water pump failure. Oct 11, 2019 · 1998-2005 VW Passat 2. I took it to my local garage who spent some time on it and discovered the "O" ring under the thermostat had perished. NHTSA ID: 10121561 TSB ID: TT 19-13-02 Tech tips (2. My 2014 Passat TDI SE has developed a steady coolant leak. Small leak in radiator noted by dealer in May 2007, when doing service, including cooling system. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2014 Passat S are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. I just had the radiator replaced on my 2003 VW Passat. That would be too easy for VW If the coolant is droping on top of the trans, then it is the coolant flange located at the back of the engine then it is the coolant flange,like the person above mentioned. You could also smell it burning off occasionally through the vents. Coolant leak in volkswagen polo 3 Like the title says, I have an old polo 3 - maybe 20 some years old. running around town its fine, ive now noticed that it has started to overheat when on long straights or motorway which it has never done before even when it was losing the water before. On ALH engines, where the gasket is not available separately, try using some RTV sealant instead. 2014 vw passat coolant leak

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